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Thursday, 21 January 2010
I Work At a Health Club...
I work at a health club and just like any other health club, we have rules and regulations to make the place fun and safe for everyone to use. In my case, you can take a gym bag onto the floor as long as you keep it by your station. The concern is, like you said, that someone comes along and trips over all your stuff on the floor and ends up sueing the health club. Thats why we have it so you can take a bag onto the floor. We just expect people to use common sense and not roll out some big suitcase onto the floor, lol. There are only a few hard-core trianers at this gym who use the wraps, straps, etc. that you would expect and they don't get in anyones way with their bag. They, more than anybody, understand how a gym works and that everyone has their own space to do what they want. The rest of the people usually just ride the bikes and jog on the treadmills while they watch the tv's ... you know ... the Mr and Mrs Universe's in training, lol.

In the end, it just comes down to the gyms own policy. While I don't agree with the policy of the gym you were using ... if it is their policy then you just have to go with it ... or find a new gym.

Hope your experience doesn't put you off gyms or throw off your routine.

Posted by getsixpackabs at 10:41 AM EST
Protein Meal Plan

I have a bad problem with gas (lactose intolerant). I would love to eat egg whites everyday, but I will be miserable throughout the day.

Do you think tuna can be substituted as a good protein in a meal plan?

Hey Dave ~ Heard you again regarding the gas. I am severely lactose
intolerant, but the gas from the egg whites is not the same as the gas from lactose.

Eggs are totally lactose-free. By the way, are you using Lactaid brand
milk? It's real milk with the lactose predigested. Just make sure you get the one that says 100% Lactose-Free, as they also make one that's only 70% lactose free (doesn't do the trick for me, I'm afraid ~ I can only use the 100% lactose-free version).

Posted by getsixpackabs at 10:37 AM EST
Some Of The Things I'll Explain To You In My Six Pack Abs Blog
Topic: six pack abs

In this blog I'll be explaining and giving you insights into many things about how to get six pack abs. Below I've included some thing that people want to know and I'll soon be explaining...

I am wondering which one is better to cut-in abs, weighted sit-ups
or crunches? I have a sit-up bench and do sit-ups on a decline.
Was wondering if i need to change up on something.

I need your help. I need to lose 8 Kgs of fat what do you think is
the best option?

- Ripped Fuel Extreme Ephedra Free, or
- Hydroxycut Ephedra Free

My first question is: I'm am 46 yo and have returned to bodybuilding after 25 yrs. At my age, is a week between woerkouts of same body parts too long? I have saw slow but noticable gains in eight months everywhere except the forearms. I do wrist curls and reverse wrist curls to failure-no gains......any ideas. Thanks for your help

Should one work his triceps and biceps on the same day?

Whats the major differnce in diet as between someone who wants bulk and someone who wants to be lean?

I have been working out for about 6 months. Now I need help with
trying a routine that I can use. I am only able know to workout
about once a week. School, job, church activities, and studying are
keeping me very busy. So i need a full body workout that I can
use. I am trying to tone up my body, I am 41 about to be 42 in
Dec. I wiegh about 140-145 lbs. I need definition to be pleased
with my body, maybe I will post a picture of myself later. Can
someone please help?

I have been working out for about 2 years and my new routine seems to be working right. I just have a problem with my bi-ceps, outer shoulders and lower lats. They just never get a bit sore the next day. How many sets should I do per muscle group? Do you think I'm not performing the exercises right? Any help will be usefull. Thanks


Posted by getsixpackabs at 10:32 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 21 January 2010 10:37 AM EST
Short Story About The Author
When I was around the age of 25, one spring time I just lost my appetite. It MUST have been a natural health male THING. And it all happened without my realising I wasn't eating much until after a good 2-3 weeks. I wasn't overly distracted or nervous or anything. In fact I felt serene, in a way!

It was a very interesting experience and it proved to me that we can diet better if we are completely relaxed about IT.

But the lesson is hard to learn (permanently) and I must admit I'm now afraid of dieting in case I lose all my hard gained MUSCLE.

Posted by getsixpackabs at 10:29 AM EST

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